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OI Oval Gear Flowmeter

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■Product Introduction
OI oval gear flowmeter is a flow instrument of advanced international level which is imported from Bopp & Reuther GmbH, Germany. 0I oval gear flowmeter is a typical positive displacement flowmeter which is used for measuring flowrate of a pressured liquid pipe flow. With simple structure, high reliability, high accuracy and no requirement for inlet/outlet flow conditioning, it is applicable to a wide range of liquid viscosity and flowrate.LC oval gear flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries as well as transport and business departments. Is is also widely used in marine fuel oil measurement.

Exquisite OI oval gear flowmeter can measure gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricants, hydraulic oil and other oil media, can also measure a variety of liquid media. If you want to consult the flowmeter models, parameters, please call us directly.

■ Technical parameters
One,Relevant standards. Remote display site explosion-proof grade Exia ⅡCT5, explosion-proof certificate number GYB00568,
Implementation of product standards: Q / JD2004-2010 "liquid volume flow meter" (enterprise standard)
JB / T9242-1999 "Volumetric flowmeter general technical conditions" (national professional standards)
Measurement equipment production license: Anhui system 01000018 number

two,Repeatability error
The repeatability error of each flow point of the flowmeter does not exceed 1/3 of the absolute value of the basic error of the flowmeter.

Three. Accuracy class and basic error limit
Accuracy class 0.2 (0.3) 0.5
Basic error limits % ±0.2 ±0.3 ±0.5
basical type Nominal diameter(mm) Limited Data
service conditions viscosity(mPa。s)
0.8~2.5 2。5~20 20~150 150~350
OI03 6 120 Continuous maximum intermittent





















Accuracy class 0。5 0。3 0。5 0.3 0。5 0.3 0.5 0.3

Four。Standard flowmeter (nominal diameter greater than 25 mm above)

Note: one: Measure the flow range of cold water, continuous flow when the flow of 0.3-1.5mPa.s column of the maximum flow of 50%; maximum flow bar to the maximum flow of 70%;
During intermittent operation, large flow takes 70% of the maximum flow in the column.
two.: Measure the flow range of hot water, continuous operation, take the minimum flow of ≤ 0.3mPa.s column.
three,When the medium viscosity is greater than 150mPa.s, the orometer gear in the OI5 still use the universal tooth type, the other are special tooth shape.
four. Sulfuric acid and other corrosive medium flow range is specified, please contact the company with the company.
five.0.2 class flowmeter, measuring medium temperature is generally 0-60 ℃.

Five. High viscosity flowmeter
For viscous liquid, with a special tooth profile (owe teeth) and stainless steel ball bearing, not graphite sleeve of the flowmeter (for Newtonian fluid)
They use F57 and F27 materials, we can choose the type, specification from the following list and flow range.F27 and F57 materials of flowmeter
Only OI5 is with standard elliptical gear.

Six。 The basic error curve
        Small flow meter basic error curve                                            Standard flowmeter basic error curve

Seven。 The major parts material and the nominal pressure
Small flow meter main material and the nominal pressure     Standard flowmeter major component material and the nominal pressure                            

Note: one. F5 material for OCr18Ni12Mo2Ti;OCr18Ni9Ti F8 materials and other materials of stainless steel are F8.
two. This does not include the special material of the flowmeter.
three. The special material only for quantity can put into production.

Eight. Allow temperature measured medium
Small flow meter to allow the temperature measured medium  Standard flowmeter allow temperature measured medium

Note: 1. The high temperature adjustment: elliptical gear with the size change, product model tag code with "T"
2. The product model tag code to add "S"

Nine. Related to the user selection of parts
One. The counter code, function and appearance

  Counter code counter name function
Small flow meter R7 Roller counter Instructs the cumulative flow
Standard flowmeter E(Es、Ew) Single needle counter E, D counter, indicating cumulative flow;D counters, in which the pointer through the button to return to zero, E, D dial and horizontal vertical;Es, the Ds dial and horizontal 45 ° inclination;
Standard flowmeter D(Ds、Dw) Double needle counters back to zero
Standard flowmeter M1 Big word counters back to zero Small word indicating cumulative flow;Big word back to zero.

Two:sender unit
OI series oval gear flowmeter Ag19, Ag20 inductive pulse generator, it can be the final flow into electrical pulse signal, lost to the general electronic or control system to achieve the flow of remote display or control. Ag19 is a single pulse output, Ag20 is a two-way equivalent pulse output, can be connected to two electronic instruments. Output pipe size internal thread M20x1.5; if necessary, the customer optional G1 / 2. For details of the Ag19 / 20 transmitter, see the relevant section of the sample.

The outside 快赢彩票登陆view of the main flowmeters

■OUI series flowmeter(Standard + thermal insulation jacket)
In order to facilitate the solidification at room temperature, easy to coagulate at a temperature, the crystallization of the medium in the pipeline can be normal delivery and flow detection, often need to heat the system pipe medium, the media melt and insulation. But because the installation of oval gear flow meter is not allowed to pass directly through the steam (to prevent damage to the flow meter), for which I designed the OUI series of products, that is, OI series flowmeter shell to increase the insulation jacket, hot water, hot oil Or less than 200 ℃steam into the insulation jacket, so that the flowmeter (or filter) has been solidified medium melt and maintain a certain temperature, so as to ensure the normal operation of the flow meter. Oval gear flow meter installed before the filter can be used in the form of insulation jacket, the user needs special orders. Insulation jacket nominal pressure of 0.5MPa.

■OI Oval gear flowmeter product mark

basical type of flowmeters OI Monomer oval gear flowmeter
OUI Oval gear flowmeter with insulation jacket
OIP Nuclear power products
OIPI Nuclear seismic products
03........400 nominal diameter from 6mm..............to100mm
K Extension based on the basic specification size, such as OI5K (flaring)
S Narrow diameter based on the basic specifications (according to user requirements)
sender unit Ag19 Single channel pulse transmitter
Ag20 Dual equivalent pulse transmitter
GF 24V Three wire system photoelectric transmitter
MF 4-20mA Analog output transmitter
counter R7 Counter code, small flow meter is special
E(Es) Single needle counter
D(Ds) Double needle counter
  / Model the connection between the symbol
materials F2 For cast steel materials, shell, the elliptic gear of stainless steel
G2 Is cast steel materials, shell, the elliptical gear for cast iron
F5 The code materials, shell, oval gear for 316 stainless steel material
F8 The code materials, shell, oval gear for 304 stainless steel material
  - Model the connection between the symbol
special mark F27 Materials with F2, rolling bearing, high temperature meter
F57 Materials with F5, rolling bearing and viscous flow meter
N Ordinary viscous flow meter
T High temperature adjusting code
S High temperature meter, extension tube under heat
J High precision meter
Note: 1. Dedicated signs can be combined with each other to form a new function flow meter.
            2. The transmitter can be omitted from the flowmeter without the transmitter.
            3. Unless otherwise specified, the flowmeter accuracy is 0.5.

special version
Special instructions mainly for some of the special product logo, requiring the product number to show the difference. Such as 0908001MI

military project chemical engineering petrochemical engineering marine American standard Japanese standards

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