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Zhang Yike comrades elected vice president of Xiao Long Shi Art Research Association

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  April 28 Xiao Long Shi Art Research Association fifth member of the General Assembly held in Anhui Agricultural University Library, the famous esthetician Guo Yin, Anhui Huang Binhong painting director Wang Fusheng, Anhui Province Federation of literary and art circles vice chairman, Anhui Province, the United States Association Chairman Yang Guoxin, Anhui Province Literature and art research librarians, Anhui Province Calligraphers Wang Shao Shi, the Central Academy of Literature and Art Museum of Anhui branch executive director Zhang Biao and other people from all walks of life to attend the meeting. Xiao Zhiyuan, vice president of Xiao Long Shi Research Association presided over the meeting. At the meeting, Comrade Xiao Chengzhen made a summary report on the work of the Xiao Long Shi Research Association in 2010-2015. The meeting examined and approved the Constitution of Xiao Long Shi Art Research Association, the General Assembly through the election of the unanimous adopted by the Xiao Long Shi Art Research Association fifth members of the General Assembly General list of recommendations. Chen Ruiding, Guo Yin, Guo Gongda, Wang Fusheng, Liu Jiangying was elected honorary president; Zheng Zheng was elected supervisor. Li Bixia, Ding Peisheng, Xiao Chengwei, Wang Shaoshi, Wang Shouzhi, Zhou Bin Six comrades elected supervisors. The meeting was elected by the election of Mr. Xiao Chengzhen re-elected president of art research; Huang Xiaozhai comrades elected executive vice president, secretary general; fine instrument corporate culture master plan, well-known painter Zhang Yike and other comrades elected art vice president.

  Xiao Long Shi Art Research Association was established in 1987, three decades of research will be committed to the study of Xiao Long Shi master, mining, inheritance and carry forward, over the years in the provincial history and history museum history leadership support, the study will print a number of Xiao Long Shi master related Of the collection and collection, and organize a variety of exhibitions, publishing video works. In order to continue to carry forward the heritage of Mr. Xiao Longshi's art and he created the JAC Huabao large-scale painting to make contributions. The seminar also registered the "Xiao Long Shi Art Research Society website", the move has also been Yachang Art Network, Zhuo Ke Art Network, Anhui Xiang Shun Culture and Arts Investment Co., Ltd. and other strong support.

  Xiao Long Shi master is a famous contemporary Chinese painting master, is set in Germany and Germany in a contemporary outstanding artist, is the founder of the JAC Huaihua factions and founders. It is reported that the Hefei City, Anhui Province, Binhu New Area opened in the open Xiao Long Shi Art Museum is approved by the provincial government to build the only individual name of the provincial art museum will soon meet with the general public. (Chen Yanbing)
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